What to wear to March: ideas


Good evening beauties, today I wanted to give you some ideas on what to wear in March. 
On the site "StyleWe" I saw many interesting outfits low-cost, 
I would like to show you some idea for shopping.
Always I say "crazy March" because the weather is not stable and I'm often in crisis about what to wear. 
So today I wanted to offer some idea-outfits for March: 

- Outfit for Women's day

A black dress is perfect for every occasion : sexy and elegant.
You can find this dress on StyleWe site at a great price --> "party dresses cheap"

- Must have March 2017 :


This "long tunic tops" for leggings is a must have 2017 especially on hot days: you can find this --> here


I loved it last year and for my luck are also trend for this spring.
You can wear these shirts with jeans, wearing a casual look, or over long skirts with a high waist. 
I leave you the link to buy these fabulous shirts.

I invite you to also visit the StyleWe-blog where you can find recipes low-carb.

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  4. The all black outfit looks really classy! Great post by the way! Dr Minesh Patel Bedford

  5. Great choices! Keep on blogging!


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